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Charlotte Nilsen created the Instagram account @veglifecharlie under korona a year ago. There she shares recipes for the food she eats herself.

– I am motivated by the fact that I can show that a healthy diet based on raw materials from the plant kingdom is anything but boring, says Charlotte.

– My biggest motivation is to be able to inspire others to eat nutritious because it’s fun, tastes good and gives incredibly good energy, she says.

Charlotte says the response to the account has been huge.

– At first, only my closest friends and family followed the account. Now, a year later, I have nearly 5,000 people following what I share, and I’m getting overwhelmingly positive feedback in my inbox.

Nilsen has always been interested in food and exercise, but it wasn’t until she had skin issues that she started taking a closer look at what food does to our bodies.

– I switched to a vegan diet with a focus on whole foods, then my interest in healthy foods exploded, full of nutrition.

behind the facade

The Instagram account was started in hopes of creating something positive and useful for others.

– In addition to food, I would focus on – and be open about – topics such as women’s health and acne, as far too few show it on social media.

Followers greatly value honesty.

– It motivates me so much when subscribers say that I have helped them eat better or feel less alone on subjects that few people talk about.

Charlotte’s recipes are generally perfect for one person, but can of course be made by several people.

Here are thirteen recipes for dinner, breakfast, lunch and dessert:

Having dinner

Colored “Buddha Bowl”:

Asian rainbow rolls as a starter or main course:

Simple chili stew with great accessories:

The classic pad thai:

Ginger Vinaigrette Salad:

Meatless Tacos:


A toast with “scrambled tofu” instead of eggs works for both breakfast and lunch:

This chia pudding has a magical combination of coconut and passion fruit:

For those of you who like a saltier start to the day, this is perfect:


Have you tasted sweet potato toast? It’s healthy and good:

Healthy pancakes with buckwheat flour are good for breakfast and lunch:

Baked sweet potato with green mash and crispy chickpeas:


Lightning fast and good mango:

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