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Much of the best in food and drink is loved and hated at the same time. Think Béarnaise sauce or foie gras.

However, the same is not true for pizza.

Everyone, and by that I mean absolutely everyone, loves pizza.

Maybe it’s because it’s so easy to make a really good one.

Here is my recipe for a quick and digg pizza.

The bottom

For the dough, I like to use a mixture of sifted wheat flour and tipo 00, but if you only have plain wheat flour, then it works.

I knead at intervals, where the dough is allowed to rise for a few minutes between each round of kneading. If you use tipo 00 flour in the recipe, knead with olive oil, and you will obtain a more elastic dough.

I often arrange the dough so that it only has to rise long enough to prepare the pizza topping and sauce (do you have to go out far in advance and put the dough in the morning, I only use one-third of the yeast, then leave the dough to rise in the refrigerator).

To get the thinnest possible bottom, it is important to patiently roll one and one serving of pizza. The times I get impatient and roll out too much dough at once, it ends up being a skillet pizza.

Here is an even easier dough than mine.

Digg fill

My favorite toppings are bacon, red onion, chilli, sliced ​​mushrooms and fresh tomatoes.

When the pizza is cooked, everything improves by sprinkling with spring onions or fresh herbs, such as parsley or arugula.

Use whatever cheese you like, be it jarlsberg, parmesan, blue cheese or whatever.

For more pizza topping ideas, check out Sjuve’s tips here.

Pizza Sauce

Pizza sauce can be prepared in countless ways.

A quick and easy way is to fry a few finely chopped cloves of garlic in olive oil, add some tomato puree and tinned tomatoes, preferably with a dried chilli or two, and cook as long as you want.

Pass the sauce gently with a blender (check here which hand blender is best), and don’t forget to season with salt and a little vinegar.

The heat

I always have a bad conscience when I bake a pizza in the oven at home. The reason is that I am running the stove on full blast. The full chimney is the surest way to achieve a crispy, crispy bottom.

If you want to be nice to your oven, turn it down a bit, but 250 degrees is a minimum I think.


A good, juicy Italian wine naturally adds the finishing touch and makes it even more enjoyable.

Discover this or that of pizzaland nummero uno.


Try a panna cotta (Italian cream pudding). You do this in one pass and only need an additional five minutes with agitation to be completely optimal (takes a total of ten minutes).

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Colorbox (illustration photo)

Fast and digg, but quite hot, so reduce the amount of chili if you want it milder. The amount of dough is for four thin portion pizzas.

See the full recipe

500 g Wheat flour

10g Salt

3 dl lukewarm water

50g extra virgin olive oil

20g Sugar

15 g Fresh yeast

3 tablespoons of olive oil

3 cloves of garlic

1.5 tbsp tomato puree

1 chilli

1 can of crushed tomatoes

0.5 tsp salt

1 knob of red wine vinegar

2 packages of bacon

2 red peppers

8 aromatic mushrooms

1 piece red onion

4 tomatoes


4 spring onions

2 Parsley leaf acorns

This case was first published on 03/23 2011 and last updated on 06/26 2017

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