The wreckage of the national team – replaces its own recipe for success

Didrik Tønseth had his very particular way of preparing for races and important races: two days before the competition there was a four-hour race – without breakfast, only one glass of water. It ran completely without nutrients. Then there were low-carb foods (like bread, pasta, rice, and sodas). On a rainy day, the diet consisted, for example, of polar bread with a chocolate spread. To get a boost of energy.

– I have now stopped with that. So that makes a big difference. I am now preparing for races like everyone else, explains Didrik Tønseth.

Now the Trøndelag man is well prepared for a tough weekend in Beitostølen.

Must win at Beitostølen

– Yes, I should preferably win in Beitostølen to go to the opening of the World Cup in Ruka. At least I have to beat the good people, the others who haven’t been eliminated, but probably the rest as well, explains Didrik Tønseth.

15 classic kilometers at the Olympics is his main goal for the season. He knows that the path goes through the start of the World Cup in Ruka.

– There are two 15 kilometer classic races before Christmas, here in Beitostølen and in Ruka. And I think the Olympic team is “fixed” after the race in Finland.

– Terribly slow

The 30-year-old was shipwrecked from the national team after a season with a lot of adversity.

– It went terribly slow last year, so slowly that I gave up after the national championships in Granåsen in January. This should be one of the highlights. Then I took some time off and started training again in March.

Now the “new” Didrik is back. Ready to fight and reported in good shape. He has hosted several national team rallies where he has impressed.

– I trained well. And I practiced a lot.

– But, wasn’t the so-called overtraining one of the reasons for the adversity?

– The reason is probably complex, if you are not injured and you are not sick, you can also tolerate a lot of exercise. It’s important to find the right balance and I think I’ve achieved that now.

Northug: – Didrik book

As a rider outside the national team, Tønseth is under pressure. He has to go fast, terribly fast, on Beitostølen. Petter Northug, TV 2’s cross-country expert, thinks he will. – Didrik “delivers the goods”!

Didrik Tønseth is excited ahead of the season opener in Beitostølen, here with TV2 cross country expert Petter Northug Photo: Ernst A. Lersveen / TV 2

Didrik Tønseth is excited ahead of the season opener in Beitostølen, here with TV2 cross country expert Petter Northug Photo: Ernst A. Lersveen / TV 2

– He has a tough task ahead of him, even without Johannes Høsflot Klæbo here, so there are plenty who will go fast. But, Didrik is experienced, he’s out of form this weekend, he thrives on the pitch at Beitostølen and has won several times here. I think the battle for the last place in the World Cup squad will be between Mikael Gunnulfsen, who won here last year, and Didrik Tønseth. And I think Tønseth will come to Ruka, points out Northug.

The season is decided in half an hour.

– As a man from Trøndelag, Petter can’t say anything else!. But, he is right to say that I have a good stat here at Beitostølen. And according to the weather forecast, it will be a little mixed weather here on Saturday, I hope it will be fine, because I have a good experience of this kind of driving.

– You have about half an hour in front of you on Saturday who can decide if you come to the Olympics or not, do you feel the pressure?

– Of course, I know I have to go fast, but I can’t wait to ski again, that was a long time ago!

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