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Reneé Fagerhøi is in charge of the kitchen this year. Among other things, she is known as a judge in last year’s “Familiekokkene” TV series and runs her own restaurant in Trondheim.

Reneé grew up on a vegetarian diet, but for Christmas she wants ribs with “sauce” – a sauce made with vegetables and the power of meat. It has its own touch of potatoes and vegetables which goes well with ribs and vegetable cakes, the vegetarian alternative. It’s nice when everyone around the table can share the accessories.

At the bottom of the page you will find Ellen Aabol’s Christmas snack recipes from the program.

A bit to warm up

Offer a good and warm welcome mulled wine to Christmas guests. Try a “white” variant made with apple juice and Christmas spices. Mulled wine can be made with or without alcohol.

How to do ribs

Renée’s ribs are seasoned with Christmas spices and garlic. In the oven, it is accompanied by vegetables and apples which form the base of the sauce. And of course, the oath is crazy.

Extra good potatoes

Potatoes covered with a thin layer of butter and crispy oven fries. A little extra work, but well worth it and most can be made the day before. Renée has had these potatoes with her since she lived in England.

Classic accessory

No rib dinner without sauerkraut. It will be better if you do it yourself.

Stir in the carrots

The carrots are glazed with orange and quite a bit of butter. They will be even nicer if you use rainbow carrots.

Break Brussels sprouts

It’s Renée’s favorite vegetable. She fry Brussels sprouts so they become delicious and crispy and make a salad with a classic dressing, dried fruits and nuts.

Without meat

It’s nice to be able to serve a meatless alternative. The rest of the accessories fit well.


Then it’s time for dessert! It’s a real Christmas cake with gingerbread, butterscotch and tangerines.

Ellen’s Christmas Present

Ellen Aabol usually cooks on Tiktok and Snapchat. In “Kvelden før kvelden” she shows how you can make superdigg Christmas sweets that give you a real Christmas mood.

Ellen Aabol with a bowl of caramel popcorn.

Ellen Aabol shows are ready with tonight’s crisp caramel popcorn.

Photo: Ellen Aabol

Do you still have gingerbread in the cake box? They can be made into cake pops with cream cheese and white chocolate.

Ready for big movies and exciting series over the Christmas weekend? Mix popcorn with caramel, chocolate and tiny marshmallows.

With egg whites, sugar and green pastry coloring, you make little Christmas trees. Put a star at the top. It’s a bonus recipe that’s not on the TV show!

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