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10. Draft chocolate cake

It’s chocolate cake that’s soft and juicy with a generous layer of frosting on top. Lise Finckenhagen’s cakes never disappoint.

9. Easter cake with fresh flavors

Although the cake is categorized as an Easter cake, it works great all year round. The cake has a delicious base of nuts and is topped with a white chocolate mousse and passion fruit.

8. Light and good chocolate cake

In a hectic everyday life, a simple and good welcome is welcome for most people, and Marit Hegle knows it. This chocolate cake is the perfect charity cake when you need to bake a cake for the housing association charity event or the end of football.

7. Cheesecake with a Christmas twist

Marit Hegle’s cheesecake has flavors reminiscent of Christmas. Jelly on top of cheesecake made with freshly squeezed clementine juice. It’s a bit of work, but tastes really good, fresh and real.

6. Simple Italian Christmas Cake

Who would say no to a colorful Italian juicy cake? Presented as a Christmas cake, but good all year round.

5. Traditional cake with a hook

It was a cake that Marit Hegle thought should be lifted from oblivion and back into the spotlight. And she’s done with me with this recipe.


4. Classic roll cake

Traditional cakes are always popular with our readers. We discovered this Swiss roll in 2017 by Elin Vatnar Nilsen. It’s both simple and quick to do.

3. The Easter favorite for several years

This is the cake that many people can’t get enough of. Since its release in 2011, it has reigned supreme in our stats and this year is no exception. Maybe not so strange when he looks so incredibly gorgeous.

Success Tails

2. Cake successfully

Marit Hegle’s winning cake from last year still has many admirers and remains at the top of the most popular cakes. The hit tail is impressive with three layers of almond base, three layers of yellow cream, and chocolate frosting on top.

Success Tails

1. Newcomer on top of the cake

Marit Hegle’s delicious four-leaf clover cake was first released in March 2019, and since then it’s been a huge hit. Plus, it’s easy to make, and it just might become the family’s new favorite.

Four leaf clover cake

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