Recipe: Young people love Easter cocoa

As with most holidays, we have universal traditions that we associate with a little extra comfort and comfort, and Easter is no exception.

At Easter, many people swear by the orange, chocolate and cocoa tower favourites. However, there are demographic differences in who drinks the most. A new survey conducted on behalf of the Dairy Information Bureau ( shows that more than 73% of 15-29 year olds tend to drink cocoa during the Easter holiday. The 30-44 year olds also drink a lot of hot chocolate, with a corresponding proportion of 66%.

Cocoa with ginger.

Cocoa around Norway

There are also differences in how much we enjoy cocoa depending on where we live in the country. Cocoa is drunk the most in central Norway, northern Norway and western Norway. Central Norway reigns supreme, where up to 7 in 10 people say they tend to drink cocoa multiple times during the Easter holiday.

But no matter what age or where you are in the country, cocoa is a perfect and simple drink that suits everyone, on the best occasions. Whether you enjoy it in town or in the village, a thermos filled with cocoa is perfect for walks in the countryside, in the solar wall of the chalet or on the sofa with a board game or a good book.

– The beauty of homemade cocoa is that we can enjoy it the way we like it the most. It can be made from melted chocolate, rich milk, and whipped cream for a luxurious twist, or you can mix it with light milk, low sugar, and cocoa powder for a lighter twist, says Terese. Glemminge Arnesen, nutrition consultant at the Dairy Information Bureau. Products ( in a press release.


popular without sugar

– Additionally, we have seen that chocolate flavored milk with no added sugar has become very popular, and tastes just as good warmed up as cocoa for both breakfast and evening snacks. Cocoa contains few ingredients, but often consists of milk which additionally provides a replenishment of important nutrients such as calcium and iodine, she says.

To add more splendor to home comforts, cocoa can be combined with other exciting ingredients.

– Cocoa is very suitable with, for example, chilli, cinnamon, ginger and raspberries. And you get the ultimate Easter cocoa if you add some freshly squeezed orange, says Glemminge Arnesen.

Cinnamon Hot Cocoa.

Here are five exciting cocoa recipes:

Hot chocolate with cream and orange


ginger cocoa

Luxury Dark Chocolate Cocoa

Cinnamon Hot Cocoa

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