Recipe for Sverre Sætre’s 17th May cakes with vanilla cream

Pineapple season

When the vanilla cream is ready and cooled, just choose. If Sætre’s proposal does not suit you, it can also be used in both pavlova and marzipan cake.

Sætre’s simplest National Day cake is a nut base topped with vanilla cream, coconut and yellow tropical fruits. The almond base contains a little flour, which makes it more stable and harder. Before frying, Sætre sprinkled some grated coconut mass on the bottom to give it a nice brown color.

– Then just put what is good: coconut, pineapple, mango, orange fillets, he says.

As decoration, he brushed coriander leaves with egg whites and turned them into sugar.

Many people heat it just so it thickens, they think they are making custard and are afraid to cook it. If they see a bubble, they jump to the side

Sverre Sætre – chef and pastry chef

– You can just put them aside and dry them a little. If you leave them for a long time, they will become dry and crumbly, and you can put them on glass. They go well with pineapple, says Sætre and says pineapple is extra good this time of year.

National bays

The peak berry season is not here yet when celebrating the National Day, but it is still a tradition to bake berry cakes in the national colors on May 17.

– It’s not just us who do it. Before Easter, everyone makes strawberry cakes in France. They are the first strawberries they have arrived there, says Sætre, who in addition to strawberries garnished this year’s berry tart with slices of the first thin stalks of rhubarb from the garden, raspberries and a little mango. All the fruit sits on top of the same vanilla cream that was used in the tropical cake, but the base here is a classic pie base that takes a bit more effort.

– You should roll and get the right thickness of dough, put it in the fridge and give it a nice shape, says Sætre, but adds that all of this can be done several days in advance, and the finished pie base can be ready for filling on the kitchen counter.

french classic

His favourite, the classic French cake Saint Honoré, named after the patron saint of bakers, is a real project. A French cake may be a fancy choice on Bastille Day, but the basic combination of puff pastry, watercress, vanilla cream and crunchy caramel is utterly irresistible.

– It’s intricate and intricate in terms of textures and technique, but quite simple in taste. I think it looks good on a cake table, says Sætre.

The cake is best with real, buttery, handmade puff pastry, but you can buy ready-made puff pastry, or even substitute the puff pastry for a pie base. Water cakes, both those that should be placed in two circles on the bottom, and small ones that should be filled with vanilla cream and dipped in caramel before being placed on the cake, can be prepared well in advance and frozen.

When the bottom is made up of watercress and puff pastry, sprinkle vanilla cream well in the “grooves” and cover with whipped cream.

The caramelization of the water slopes is also a small C moment.

– Watch out, it’s hot. Put the water cakes on a fork before dipping them, then they will stick well. But the good thing is that vanilla cream doesn’t dissolve in the heat, he says.

All cakes can mainly be prepared long before ironing the bunad. But the fruit and caramel should be prepared the same day the cakes are to be served – the latter loses its crispness if left on the water cake for too long.

– But you can dip them in chocolate instead, he suggests.

After all, the most important thing is this:

– Everyone must bring a ball of caramel each. If you’re baking a big cake, you should also put some on top of the cake, says Sætre.

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