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“There will be pancakes for breakfast!”

The cheers are on the ceiling, the children run to the table, and even the mother groans impatiently with the cutlery.

Good weekend breakfast

It’s a weekend, and then, as we know, there’s both the time and the permission to enjoy a little extra.

Sometimes it’s crispy bacon with perfect fried eggs that apply. Other times there are smoothies and pancakes perfect with maple syrup, yogurt, butter, sugar, roughly chopped nuts, fruits and/or berries.

It doesn’t take much to elevate weekend breakfast to heaven.

If it’s the next day and you’re really starting on a leash, then Eggs Benedict is the best you can get.

This is how pancakes taste better

The breakfast pancake batter for my recipe at the bottom of the article should be made at least an hour before frying so the batter has time to rest.

Brewing can of course be done the day before. Just wait to add the baking powder just before baking.

I fry pancakes without fat in a non-stick pan (tested here), but if you only have a regular pan, you can fry in oil or butter.

The classic pancake mistake that many people make is to start stacking a tower of pancakes long before they are done frying. Then the pancakes sit there and steam soggy and delicious.

Instead, keep them warm on a rack in the oven, so you can make a tower just before serving.

Good breakfast!

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Colorbox (illustration photo)

If you want pancakes for breakfast, you can make the batter the night before.

See the full recipe

225 g Wheat flour

50g Sugar

0.5 tsp salt

2.5 dl of milk

2 eggs

50 g melted butter

1 tablespoon wheat flour

2 teaspoons of yeast

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