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He travels the country and the beach in an old Italian tricycle with a stone wood stove on the loading platform. He gets a lot of requests from people who want to see a stone oven in action and learn more about cooking pizza.

Rasmus Nørgaard Svane travels the country and the beach in a small Italian tricycle.

Rasmus attracts a lot of attention with the small car with a stone oven in the back. He distributes pizzas to those who want them while NRK interviews him.

Photo: Erlend Dalhaug Daae / NRK

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Wood-fired pizza ovens take off

Significant air bubbles

– A pizza dough should be simple, and contain only flour, water, salt and yeast – very little yeast. It’s important to catch the air bubbles that form in the dough as it rises, and it needs to be so elastic that it can be shaped without rolling, as rolling is prohibited, he says.

– It crushes the air bubbles, and that’s where the taste lies.

It is important that the dough is frothy for the pizza to taste good.

It’s important that air bubbles in the dough are not expelled, Rasmus explains.

Photo: Erlend Dalhaug Daae / NRK

Ordinary wheat flour is not very suitable, and the pizza maker recommends a finer flour – the one called tipo 00 or tipo 0. Then the dough should be kneaded long and well – preferably for 15 minutes in a food processor.

But the most crucial thing is breeding. Since there is so little yeast, rising takes a long time. Preferably 24 hours or more in the refrigerator. When taken out, it should not be crushed too hard, but cut into suitable portions of approx. 180 grams which are treated with care so as not to damage the bubbles. Slightly rising, so that the dough reaches room temperature, it is then ready.


– Italian cuisine is made with simple ingredients and pure flavors. It is important to limit yourself and not to overload. The most famous pizza in the world is also the simplest, he says.

Margherita, the classic pizza.

Margherita was made in honor of Queen Margherita who visited Naples in 1889. White mozzarella, red tomato sauce and green basil – as in the Italian flag.

Photo: Erlend Dalhaug Daae / NRK

Margherita is the mother of modern pizza, and besides the dough there are only four ingredients. Chopped tomatoes, fresh mozzarella cheese, a few fresh basil leaves and good olive oil.

– If you can make a perfect Margherita, you are a gifted pizzeria, he declares.

Wood-fired pizza oven

Roasting is a chapter in itself. The pizza must be cooked at high temperature. About 400 degrees, and that’s more than what’s possible in a normal stove. This is where the wood-fired pizza ovens that have become so popular come in.

Swan measures the temperature in the oven.  He guessed it was 370 degrees.

Rasmus measures with a temperature gauge, he guessed that the oven kept 370 degrees.

Photo: Erlend Dalhaug Daae / NRK

Rasmus brushes aside the burning wood and costs the stone slab a bit before pushing the pizza into the oven. With the high temperature, frying takes a maximum of two minutes. Along the way, he turns it a little so that it is cooked evenly. In the high heat, you can see that the edges of the pizza puff up and make a nice crispy edge around the filling. The result? A perfect Italian pizza, which tastes heavenly.

Two minutes is all the pizza needs at 400 degrees.

After two minutes in the hot oven, the pizza is ready.

Photo: Erlend Dalhaug Daae / NRK

More opportunities

Not everyone has the opportunity to install a pizza oven in the garden, but still there are opportunities.

You can use a pizza stone, in the oven or on the grill, but remember that you must have as high a temperature as possible. There are also models of electric tables with stone, and they make very good pizzas, he concludes..

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