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Norwegians eat more pizza than many other nations, and it’s great to be able to vary the taste of the pizza. Some people like it simple without too much topping, while others prefer lots of topping. Here is something that can suit everyone.

white pizza

If you replace the tomato sauce with fresh cream, you get a white pizza. But if you prefer the classic variety, Lise Finckenhagen also has the recipe for a good tomato sauce, if you want to use it instead of fresh cream.

Garnish the pizza with chanterelles, parmesan, bacon and truffle oil. It brings a lot of good taste.

Braid the pizza like a pastry

Why not play with the pizza wrapper? This is an oven-baked pizza with a filling of chicken, onion, and blue cheese. This pizza is also without tomato sauce, but with sour cream.

Fish pizza

In the south of France, they have a long tradition of using seafood on pizza, and it’s delicious. Do you dare to try?

The Turkish variant

The Turks call the pizza lahmacun and skip the cheese.

Pizza with extra crust

It’s the pizza with lots of cheese, the house’s rich tomato sauce, cooked ham and an extra crust with treats from chef Odd Ivar Solvold.

Snack pizza

If you’re craving snacks or breakfast, tarte flambĂ©e or flammekeuche is an exciting variation. He is originally from Alsace in northeastern France. It’s almost a white pizza, except no yeast is used in the dough.

The simple

This pizza is perhaps the most classic pizza in all of the United States. The ingredients are the base, the sauce and the cheese, and since so few ingredients are used, it’s extremely important to only use the best ingredients you can get.

For the vegan

This delicacy of a fall pizza puts a new twist on everyday pizza, with a thick Chicago-style bottom fried in a cast iron skillet.

Pizza for dessert

Did you make pizza, but you have leftover dough? So it’s a clear winner. Goat cheese and honey are a fantastic combination, and with rosemary, you have to love pizza for dessert too.

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