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Wedding cake

When it comes to celebrating, Lise Finckenhagen’s proposal is a fresh cake with a marzipan lid. Here you have the recipe for a festive cake with lemon cream and stirred raspberries.


The vanilla custard sugar loaf is an extra topping when you put half a strawberry along the edge. Marit Hegle shows you how.

Delicious vanilla cake

Three-layer vanilla cake with raspberry cream, white chocolate buttercream and marzipan lid. Silja Kristianne Uteng decorates her vanilla cake with pale pink roses.

Rustic chocolate cake

Baking enthusiast and blogger Linda Lomelino creates a wonderful rustic chocolate cake with mascarpone and berries.


Cake war winner Silja Kristianne Uteng shares her twist on blue cake with white roses.

carrot cake

Find cinnamon, cardamom, ginger and cloves in the spice drawer, recommends Lise Finckenhagen. Everything belongs to the carrot cake with the grated carrots, walnuts and coconut mass. The cream cheese tastes like lime and real vanilla.

carrot cake

marzipan cake

Here is Lise Finckenhagen’s recipe for marzipan cake with a base made from pistachios and filled with stirred raspberries and lemon cream.

raspberry cheesecake

Layer upon layer of raspberry cheesecake in sour milk and Marit Hegle’s raspberry jelly.

Success Tails

Layer after layer of yellow cream never fails. The hit cake is impressive with three layers of almond base, three layers of yellow cream and chocolate frosting on top. Marit Hegle explains the recipe step by step.

Success Tails

Three Layer Wedding Cake

You must expect to spend a few days at work, but if you take it, you get a three-part party or wedding cake consisting of a carrot cake with cream cheese, a mocha cake with chocolate and rum and lemon cake with vanilla cream and raspberries.

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