Lise Finckenhagen’s menu on May 17 – NRK Mat – Recipes and inspiration

Congratulations on the day 2020. Chef Lise Finckenhagen

Lise Finckenhagen serves festive dishes from the roof terrace of the NRK.

Photo: Ole Kaland / NRK

Lise Finckenhagen is this year’s chef in the traditional TV show “Congratulations on the day!” which airs on NRK1 every May 17. This year, the setting is different. We are not in Slottsplassen, but on the roof of Kringkastingshuset at Marienlyst in Oslo.

Lise makes a festive table that is suitable for both lunch and dinner. Here, you just have to pick from the recipes.

Scrambled eggs

Give scrambled eggs plenty of time and a creamy consistency, and let it be the star on the party table!

Potato waffles

Lise calls potato waffles a national romantic bites. They are prepared with mashed potatoes with almonds and served with red onions and eggs or bacon.

Virgin potato salad

Potato salad with Norwegian new potatoes tossed with herbs, olives, sun-dried tomatoes, red onion and feta cheese.

Broccoli salad

Not familiar with raw broccoli? Cut the broccoli into small, thin florets and finely chop the red onion, and it will be good.

Strawberries, tomatoes and watermelon

The sweet and red ingredients have flavors that go well together. You choose if you want to sprinkle with feta cheese or not.

mini burger

We want to taste everything, so the burgers can’t be so big that we can’t take it anymore. Small and delicious mini burgers are perfect for young and old.

Salmon skewers with spring onions and sweet chili sauce

Juicy salmon skewers slathered in sweet chili sauce are easy to make, easy to love, and ready in minutes.

Chicken skewers with peanut sauce and sweet and sour cucumber salad

Juicy chicken on skewers served with peanut sauce and a sweet and sour cucumber salad with ginger and chili.

Strawberry, mozzarella and avocado salad

Strawberries in the salad make it both fresh and sweet. The combination of strawberry and avocado is delicious.

King crab with garlic butter

King crab on the grill tastes delicious. If you get raw claws/bones that’s best, but cooked can also be used.

Grilled carrots with hummus

Vegetables are excellent on the grill, and here Lise serves grilled carrots. It’s a good meatless alternative. She also put carrots in the hummus.


For the party there will be a cake with strawberries and cream. Lise calls it naked cake because it shows off the layers, and there’s not a lot of cream and decorations hiding the way the strawberry cake is constructed.


In recent years, Pavlova has managed to become a classic on the holiday table. Crispy meringue with a soft interior filled with vanilla cream and lots of berries, appeals to young and old alike.

Childhood memories

Finally, Lise Finckenhagen has a little advice, for who can really resist the childhood favourite; strawberries with cream. So ridiculously simple and so incredibly good!

Clean and divide the strawberries, Serve with cold cream and a pinch of crushed meringue or girl kiss.

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