It may look like pizza, but it’s something completely different

Pissaladiere sends you straight to an outdoor restaurant in Nice.

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Pissaladiere. Anyone familiar with this wonderful substance from the hot summer days in Nice will immediately think of the pungent taste of anchovies and olives combined with the sweetness of caramelized onions on a soft, crispy wheat base. For those unfamiliar with the dish, the name, combined with the image of the flat topped cake, will recall pizza. No wonder since they have a striking resemblance both phonetically and visually. But think again. The French dish, which actually has as much Italian origin, is not a branch of pizza.

The word pizza comes from pitta (bread), pinze (pinch) or pizzo (bite). The word pissaladiere, on the other hand, has a maritime origin. Pissala refers to a type of fermented fish sauce, made from anchovies and other small fish, which is traditionally mixed with onions. The word itself is derived from the Latin piscis Рfish. The absence of modern ingredients in the pissaladière, such as tomato, suggests that the dish is truly ancient. Maybe older than pizza.

A good pissaladi√®re has few ingredients, so each of them must be taken very seriously. When making dough, time is important. It develops the taste of the flour, gives a better consistency and makes the dough more digestible. Let the cold dough rise overnight. A total cooking time of at least 20 hours from start to service is best. Also spend a long time frying the onion. The heat at first should be such that it browns, but doesn’t burn when you turn it every three to five minutes. Gradually lower the heat so that the onion crumbles evenly and develops a delicious sweetness. Many and good anchovies are a “must”.

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