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Perfect for breakfast for those who like little sweets. Serve them with berries and honey.

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This porridge with chia seeds, oatmeal, yogurt and coconut milk is self-made. Mix all the ingredients together in a bowl or glass and refrigerate overnight.

Porridge Recipes

culinary journey

If mom likes a little spicy and exciting food, try this Middle Eastern egg breakfast dish.


Recipes by Rolf Øygarden


This fish soup is very easy to make. You can use different types of fish.

Fish soup

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single chicken

It’s quick and easy and really good. The right tarragon sauce does the trick.

bank meat

If you have time to do something really good for mom, try this one. Strong and good beef dish that will cook for a long time. Serve with mashed potatoes and good winter vegetables.

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If you prefer a vegan alternative, you can make mushroom lasagna with baked eggplant.

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This cake is a classic that we have brought out of oblivion. Sugar loaf base with lots of delicious filling. It’s what mom deserved.



The meringue base with vanilla cream and fruit is never wrong. It’s possible to make it easier with a pre-purchased base, but if you make the meringue yourself, it’s better.

Several good cakes from Marit Hegle


Mom likes chocolate? So it’s a sure winner. Here you get triple with goodies.

Chocolate Cake Recipes

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