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This is what Julie’s Food Blog, Hungry Boys and Mette Mortensen will eat on National Day.

Next week is for many the favorite day of the year – the day we all look forward to. And what would May 17 be without a real champagne breakfast?

Breakfast can be planned well in advance, or you can be one of those who are sitting down now, three days before the national holiday, and still can’t plan what to serve guests or what to bring to the table. cold. Do not despair. We have put together some great tips for you.

Experts will eat and drink it during a champagne breakfast on May 17.

Julie Ilona Balas, known as Julie’s Food Blog on Instagram, will this year on May 17th have breakfast with friends in a beautiful garden.

– Actually, I won’t do anything about the food, but I’m responsible for the dessert. There will definitely be something good with the strawberries. We tend to have long tables with whatever is good. Scrambled eggs, smoked salmon, leeks, potato salad, good bread, digg cheese, charcuterie and berries. Rinse it enough with mimosa and lots of coffee, she tells Melk.

Additionally, she says she likes the classic May 17 breakfast dishes, but can also appreciate more vegetables and salads on the table.

– Grilled broccoli for example, yum! I am only a guest at this breakfast, so I eat what is served to me.

This year, she thinks she’s going to try a whole new dessert.

– I just made a very good and juicy carrot cake. We can decorate it with strawberries perhaps, she adds.

– At the risk of sounding like a ten-year-old child, I have to eat at least three ice creams every May 17th. And preferably a little leek in the dining room and champagne throughout the day.

The best tip in the food profile is to have a frozen pizza ready in the freezer after a long day with probably a little too much champagne.

– I have already prepared face masks, Gatorade and snacks so that you can wake up the next day fresh and ready for work, she says.

Hungry boys AKA Magnus Liøkel and Ole Samuelsen have yet to start planning their champagne breakfast until May 17.

– It is assumed that a classic cold table is organized with smoked salmon, cheeses and hams, various salads and scrambled eggs with lots of butter. Such dishes are easy to make and they hold up well, so people can snack during the day, they tell Milk.

As drinks, they will serve Bollinger and rosé wine, because “people are in such a good mood”.

– For those who want to make the chop more fancy, we suggest white asparagus with dill Hollandaise sauce.

Otherwise, they have some stable tips they will share with us:

– Start with the best bubbles, while people are optimistic enough to enjoy them. Then you can reduce the quality as the per mille increases.

– Opt for dishes that you can make the day before. It’s a risky sport to fry bacon in a bunad.

– If you are desperate in the kitchen, make a sausage table with lots of good accessories. Wienerpølser and Bollinger make a surprisingly good combination.

Mette Mortensen is a food stylist and recipe creator in Oslo. She loves May 17, and as long as she grabs a piece of ham or smoked salmon and sees lots of friends and nice people in bunad, the day is complete.

– Let me start by saying that I have a 4 year old, so I guess it will be sausages and kronesis in the first semester. For the buffet later I think I’ll bring a smoked sardine dip with salsa verde, feta and marinated olives and a baker’s bread digg.

– If I get the spirit on me, I cook Musical card – large thin biscuits with good olive oil and herbs. I’m a bit on the citrus sorbet wave during the day – so maybe make some rosemary grapefruit sorbet and little cookies, she adds.

The food stylist’s advice for the champagne breakfast is to make it a bit simple – but don’t let the result look like you haven’t put a good one on. effort.

– If you’re like most of us, then everything happens a bit last minute, no matter what you think you have planned. You stand there at midnight and you polish the silver and paint the nails, and in the morning it goes one.

—My advice is to buy proper digg box food. I think the anchovies, sardines, terrines and pates, passed through the baker for a steaming fresh bread, had a few bottles of bubbles on the keel and had a digg salad and lots of berries. Then everyone will be happy, she told Melk.

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