Cake recipe you can make in the car in ten minutes

Help, it’s the end of summer and you completely forgot to bring cake. And there you stand. In the car outside, as people stream in with cakes and buns.

What are you going to do? Often, coming up with a really nice ready-made cake from Pascal or the like is considered the height of laziness, so you want to do it yourself. And that in ten minutes. Here is the solution: the cake you can make when you forgot the cake, in the car:

Automagica Pavlova


  • Finished meringue base
  • 1 box vanilla whipped cream
  • 1 spray cream
  • Assortment of organic berries
  • lemon balm
  • Basil
  • 1 credit card
  • Cardboard box with meringue bottom.
  • Alcohol for sterilization.

This is what you do:

Park the car as straight as possible, do not hesitate to build a small table on the passenger seat with the leather bag.

First, tear the box all the way to the bottom of the meringue so you have a nice dish to put the cake on. It can be square if you’re having a really bad time.

Put a dash of vanilla whipped cream on the cardboard dish to prevent the whole pavlova from slipping as you devoutly carry it around the nursery.

Press the meringue base onto the small dash of vanilla whipped cream and find your least used credit card. Amex tends to do well. Wash the credit card in the alcohol you have. The rooms can be pleasant also in taste. Be careful if there are children eating the cake.

Pour half of the contents into the kesam box in the middle of the bottom. Spray a similar amount of cream on top. Mix the kesam and the cream together in gentle movements so as not to knock out the air from the cream. Spread it evenly on the bottom in a layer two centimeters thick. Clean the strawberries and halve them with the card if they are too big.

Let it abound with berries and finish with lemon balm and basil.

Carry it quickly to the cake table, but don’t hold it too high, as the dish can easily reveal itself from below. Place the cake near other cakes that seem less successful than your abundant and fresh Pavlova Automagica. Talk about organic berries and put on your biggest smile. Drink coffee and brag about everyone’s cakes and voila, you go home a winner.

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