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SOURCE OF INSPIRATION?  The zuccotto cake looks like the dome of Santa Maria del Fiore ("The dome") in Florence.
SOURCE OF INSPIRATION? The zuccotto cake resembles the dome of Santa Maria del Fiore (“Il Duomo”) in Florence.
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You may have tried the Italian dessert cake tiramisu? If you like it, you should like zuccotto too. They are not completely different, but the zuccotto is a much more impressive “building”.

How to make a tiramisu.

Beneath the glorious dome of chocolate icing of the zuccotto, hide heaps of delicacies such as meringue, pain au sucre, chocolate, cream, coffee and brandy.

Tuscan Dome Cake Recipe

Also in Italy there are different recipes for the cake classics, so also with zuccotto:

Variations of the domed cake

  • Use both cognac and almond liqueur amaretto to dip the sugar bread. You can also use a mixture of maraschino cherry liqueur, orange liqueur and dark rum.
  • The raspberries in the light cream can be replaced with ground and toasted almonds and walnuts. Candied fruits and cocktail berries are another option.
  • The cake can be decorated with mocha beans, grated chocolate, slivered almonds and/or candied fruit.

Zuccotto is the word for “little pumpkin” in Italian, a name it probably got due to its round shape. Or maybe the word originally comes from “zucchetto” which is the cardinal of cardinals? Many also believe that the shape of the domed cake is inspired by the dome of Il Duomo, the cathedral in Florence.

Source: “Real Italian cuisine” by Reinhardt Hess and Sabine Sältzer (Cappelen 2000)

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