Breakfast with garlic crunch. ham and fried egg recipe with nutritional content, allergens and price.

Breakfast with garlic crisis, fried ham and egg recipe.

Knut Pettersen

Asian style breakfast. Here we fried sliced ​​ham slices. Very well. Otherwise, we used cooked rice from the fridge

The recipe contains 154 calories, 11 g Carbon, 12 g Protein and 6 g Fat per 100 g
The recipe contains the following allergens Eggs, gluten, milk, milk spores, nut spores, peanut spores, sesame spores,
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The breakfast with garlic crisis, fried ham and eggs are: Non-vegetarian
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Nutrition declaration for breakfast with garlic crisis. ham and fried eggs!

Last name Value per 100g Value per serving Unity
calories 153.62 978.47 calories
Protein 12:49 79.55 gram
Carbohydrates 11.14 70.96 gram
Alimentary fiber 0.93 5.92 gram
Big 6.36 40.51 gram
Saturated fat 1.82 11.59 gram
Salt 1.23 7.86 gram
Recipe Price 6.11 crowns Kr38.92 NOK
The whole recipe weighs 637 total grams gram
Percentage of energy from carbohydrates 29% Not low carb What does it mean?


You can use 2 frying pans here.
Heat a little oil in a pan. Add the rice with the minced garlic. Season with a little salt and pepper. You can also have some chopped regular onion here. Simmer, stirring, until heated through and the onion is golden brown.

Double bread the slices of ham, ie dip them first in the salt/wheat flour mixture, then in the beaten egg and finally in the chopped bread. Brown lightly in the pan.
Fry a regular fried egg.

Serve breakfast with chili sauce. And a cup of black coffee.

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Knut Pettersen

Knut Pettersen

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Cooking time:
10-20 minutes

The recipe is Easy to cook

small dish

Date entered:2015-05-30

Update date:2015-05-30

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