Bodø resident Marius (31) made Freia’s new milk chocolate!


Among the 50,000 recipes submitted to Freia’s Chocolate Inventor competition, Marius Sørensen’s (31) Japp, the crispy chocolate with marinated rice, has become a favorite among experts. Now it’s available in stores nationwide.

Bodø’s Marius Sørensen is the third and final winner of Freia’s Chocolate Inventor competition, held in spring 2020. His chocolate topped 50,000 other recipes and is now being rolled out from the Freia factory in Oslo and in stores across the country.

According to Marius, the milk chocolate, made with Japp, sea salt and crispy rice, is a tribute to a classmate’s mother.

– Pernille, with whom I studied, had brought home a chocolate that she shared with us. So we decided to write a thank you note to our mother, and the next day we received a big chocolate and a hello in return. On chocolate, we discovered information about the Freia Inventors Competition, so when we decided to submit a recipe – as a tribute to Pernille’s mother, Marius explains.

In the Freia Inventors Competition, 50,000 chocolate recipes were submitted, with over 20,000 different flavor combinations. 63 ingredients were available; everything from chili and popcorn to tarragon and sea salt.

As mentioned, the recipe submitted by Marius was a tribute to Pernille’s mother, so the ingredients chosen were based on her best qualities.

– We chose ingredients that we felt reflected her in a good way. Crispy rice, because she’s a bit crazy, Yeah because she has a soft and good inside, and sea salt because she takes care of everyone – and sea salt is suitable for everything, said Marius.

Its recipe was selected by a jury made up of around ten expert chocolate makers from Freia and a member of the jury from PromoVeritas, an independent competition agency for the general public. 100 of the 50,000 chocolate recipes were selected, then made and tasted by the jury.

– Marius had a very creative combination of ingredients, as well as a charming story of how these were selected. This, combined with the fact that the chocolate was of course very good, made us believe that the chocolate might be a hit. Now we can’t wait to see how it will be received by Norwegians, says Tina Stangnes, product manager at Freia.

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