Bacon and peach pizza recipe with nutritional content, allergens and price.

Sara Johannessen

Place a pizza stone on the grill and get grilled pizza with a delicious crispy bottom. Here we topped the pizza with bacon, mozzarella, pesto and grilled peaches. Delicious summer food!

The recipe contains 237 calories, 19 g Carbon, 12 g Protein and 12 g Fat per 100 g
The recipe contains the following allergens Gluten, milk, milk spores, nut spores, peanut spores, mustard spores, soy spores,
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The bacon and peach pizza is: Non-vegetarian
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80 in total.



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Number of servings
The recipe is original 4 servings

Calories and Nutritional Content of Bacon and Peach Pizza with the above ingredients!

Last name Value per 100g Value per serving Value per coin Unity
calories 236.71 974.95 calories
Protein 12:33 p.m. 50.78 gram
Carbohydrates 18.89 77.80 gram
Alimentary fiber 1.87 7.70 gram
Big 12.01 49.47 gram
Saturated fat 4.48 6:45 p.m. gram
Salt 1.16 4.76 gram
Recipe Price 7.62 crowns 31.38 crowns kr .-
The whole recipe weighs 1,648 in total 412 per serving per unit gram
Percentage of energy from carbohydrates 31.92% Not low carb What does it mean?


Stir the yeast into the water and add the oil, flour and salt. Knead the dough well, approx. 10 minutes. Cover the baking dish with plastic wrap and let it double in size.
Prepare the filling. Use a good ready-to-use pesto or make your own. Cut the mozzarella into slices, the peaches into boats and grate the pine nuts in a dry pan.
Light the grill. Place a pizza stone on the grid and preheat for approx. 10 minutes.
When the grill is ready and the dough has risen, divide the dough in half – possibly 4 if you want small pizzas. Shape the flans into round balls and roll them out on a floured surface.
First fry the bottoms in batches on the pizza stone – then it will be easier to add the topping and prepare several pizzas to be cooked at the same time. They only need to fry for a few minutes. Put a little flour on the pizza stone if the dough sticks.
Brush the grill grate with a little oil and place them on the peach punnets. Let them grill for a minute on each side, so that they get nice grilled stripes.
When the bottoms are precooked, add the garnish. Spread the pesto on top, add the mozzarella slices and peach punnets.
Grill the pizza on the pizza stone until it has a thin golden crust and the cheese is melted, approx. 5 minutes depending on the heat on the grill.
Garnish the grilled pizza with slices of ham, pine nuts and preferably fresh basil before serving.

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Cooking time:
60 mins +

The recipe is medium difficult to cook


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