200 grams of raw beef for breakfast

(Dagbladet): Gustav (5) and Andrea Gjøten Sandnes (27) were received at Kvernberget Airport in Kristiansund with posters and cheers as befits the most beautiful in the world with a shiny trophy bigger than the beautiful her -same.

The cream-coloured Burmese took the reception as calmly as he did in the deafening final at Karl Marx Halle in Vienna this weekend. Then Gustav was named the most beautiful short-haired cat in the world for the second time.

The first time Hungarian-born Gustav, with his own royal estate in Averøya, won one of the four main prizes at the prestigious annual FISeS World Winner Show was in Ålborg in 2013.

1,343 cats participated in this year’s show in Austria. 57 of the pets were from Norway. Brazil was the country with the most class winners.

Andrea, a foster mother and child protection educator, has always dreamed of having a Burmese cat. Now she has several, and among them the most beautiful in the world.

Totally wild for breakfast

There’s no ordinary recipe behind the judges’ enthusiasm, including for the shiny coat.

– Gustav gets 200 grams of raw beef every day for breakfast. He’s crazy when I cut the meat into pieces. He receives dry food and a supper as for ordinary cats, Andrea Gjøten Sandnes tells Dagbladet – still in a lyrical mood after the attention in Vienna.

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