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Cakes don’t always have to be so big that they have to be sent on plates. If you are outdoors and love life in the garden or on the playground, it may be suitable with one-size-fits-all cakes. Here are ten suggestions.

1. Portion Apple Cake

RECIPE: Apple muffins with vanilla cream

2. Glass Cake

Chocolate cupcakes, one for each, with coffee, whiskey and cream. This is the edition of “whisky in the jar” by Lise Finckenhagen.

3. Delicious Roll Cake Slices

Here you should probably have the napkin ready. These cake portions consist of a rolled cake with walnut cream, marzipan, tangerine boats and jam. Delicious, right?

4. Muffins with three different fillings

There can never be too much icing, says the chef. Muffins are always good to eat by hand. Here you also get a filling recipe for white and dark chocolate frosting and cream cheese.

5. Cake on stick

In the United States, they are called cake pops. In Norwegian, we can say cupcake on a stick, perfect to make if you have leftover chocolate dry cake or muffins.

6. One Man Brownies

Why not put the brownies in muffin pans? The chocolate fondant is a hit with adults and children alike, here garnished with even more chocolate.

7. Soft cake in a new shape

Soft cake, but not as we are used to seeing it. Lars Erik Vesterdal prepares a fluffy cake in a serving glass and fills it with vanilla cream, fresh berries and a hint of Asia.

8. With blue cheese or caramel on top

There are cupcakes in countless flavors and colors. Paul Svensson is creative in the garnish. Some of the muffins have blue cheese cream, while the others have been doused in caramel meringue.

9. Little temptations with crown cake

Sarah Bernhard’s original version has almond macaroons on the bottom and is completely dipped in chocolate. Here Elin Vatnar Nilsen made a simpler variant with a finished crown cake mass.

10. Gluten Free and Juicy

Frangipane is a cake filling made from almonds. Here it is used to make muffins. These are muffins that stay juicy for a long time, and they are gluten-free.

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